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[G-Dragon] 100 Facts About "Kwon Leader"

What's up VIP!!! This time i will share to you about G-Dragon's facts.. Hope you enjoy it ohh and follow me on twitter @ste_septyani !! Gamsa^^

Stage Name: G-Dragon [G드래곤 ]
Real Name: Kwon Ji Yong [권지용]
Position: Team Leader / Rapper / Vocal
Birthplace and date: Seoul, August 18, 1988
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Blood type: A
Family: Father, Mother, and an older sister (Kwon Dami)
Educations: Seoul Korean Traditional Arts Middle; High School, Gyeong Hee University majoring in Post Modern Music.
Specialties: Rapping, dancing, beat boxing, composing, singing, Chinese, English.
Hobbies: Drawing, arranging musics, singing/rapping, making funny expressions.
Personality traits: kind of cheerful guy, he could easily calm himself down. GD has high self-esteem, he is outgoing, talented, reliable, lovable, and has strong charisma.
Likes: Fashion, cooking, donuts, dogs, cars, books (poems, comic books, magazines), watching cartoons, and himself.
Active years: 2001 – now
Label: YG Entertainment
1. G-Dragon’s full name is Kwon Ji-Yong.
2. G-Dragon’s stage name came from his real name Jiyong (G “지” [Ji] & “용” [Yong] wich means “Dragon” in Korean).
3. GD was born in August 18, 1988. So, by the Chinese calendar, he was born in the year of dragon. So matched with his name, right? And also he is a Leo.
4. Personality: GD can be tough or cool, depending on his mood. He is a cheerful guy who could easily calm himself down. GD has high self-esteem, he is easy going, talented, and has strong charisma. He also a person that anyone could rely on, lovable. His excellent songwriting skills makes him a precious member of Big Bang as well as a good producer. He is dubbed as ‘genius’ by peers and fellow songwriters.
5. At Bigbang’s debut in 2007, GD won Best Songwriter Award in MKMF (MNet Km Music Festival)
6. GD also known with the name Iguana Idol, because he change his hair color many times in a year. It also makes the VIP (Bigbang’s fans) worried because his hair could be damaged.
7. For American musicians, GD idolizes Jay-Z, Beyonce, Rihanna, Blackstreet, JO, Pharrell, Maroon 5, Mondo Grosso, and 015B.
8. His favorite colors are yellow and white.
9. GD has been participating in entertainment industry since he was little. GD’s first showbiz appearance was at a kids’ TV program called 뽀뽀뽀 (Bbo Bbo Bbo). He was only 7 when he became part of “Little Roora.”

10. He joined YGE and became a trainee at age 12 (6th grade). He was persuaded by Yang Hyun Suk (YGE President) to ask and force his mom to sign him in to YGE when he came in with his mom for audition.
11. He sang the song of ‘Lil’ Bow Wow’ – That’s My Name at the YGE audition.
12. Since becoming a trainee under YGE, GD trained with another BigBang member, Taeyang. In their training days, the duo was known as GD-YB, and they have collaborated with other YG family members like Jinusean.
13. Initially, it was planned that he will debut, as a duo, with Taeyang. But, Yang Hyun Suk changed his mind and just thought of forming a 5-6 member boyband instead.
14. GD once fell into a fistfight against Taeyang in a basketball game when they were teenagers.
15. Although Bigbang has been recognized as highly fashionable idols, GD has the best fashion sense. In fact he is one of the best “fashionista” in Korea. He has a huge interest in fashion and he loves attending fashion shows around the world.
16. To date, GD has 7 tattoos on his body: See it all here
Most of GD’s tattoos were made when Bigbang attended Hollywood Bowl and in the birthday party of Danny (Im Tae Bin) of 1TYM in Las Vegas. Those tattoos were made by the tattoo artist, Carey Heart (Pink’s ex-husband) at a famous tattoo shop, Hart & Hurington Tattoo Parlor, Palms Casino, Las Vegas. While his two newest tattoos was made before Bigbang promoted their mini album Alive.
17. GD likes his nickname “Kwon Leader”.
18. ‘The Lies’ song was originally GD’s solo song, but then was rearranged and made as the band’s song.
19. GD’s shirt size is Medium, but for some particular brand he wears the small size.
20. GD’s body height officially is 176 cm (around 5’10″).
21. GD’s weight is almost around 55-60 kg, but never been more than that. GD is almost always been “thin”.
22. The first CD he has ever had is Wu Tang Clan album – Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) with his favorite song “C.R.E.A.M”.
23. His fingernails are almost always looked damaged because without him noticing, he often bites his nails.
24. GD also often wears glasses a lot indoors.
25. GD said one of his favorite song is ‘The Killers – Somebody Told Me’.
26. He said his reason to jump into the music world is one word, destiny.
27. His nickname when he was a schoolboy was Kwonjiral.
28. Kang In of Super Junior was he boyhood friend.
29. 5th grade was the first time he wrote a song for a talent show.
30. He really doesn’t like people who value him only from his appearance. GD wants to be known because of his music rather than physical appearance.
31. GD said his ideal type of woman is the kind of Ivy, BoA, and Lee Yeon Hee. For BoA and Ivy because they dance, sing and implicate Hip Hop and R&B perfectly with their style. While Lee Yeon Hee because he said she is sweet.
32. Taeyang once said that GD is a playboy. And GD immediately rectified Taeyang’s answer with a laugh.
33. Ahn Sohee (Wonder Girls), Kiko Mizuhara (Japanese model), Sandara Park (2NE1) are three girls linked to be having relationships with GD in recent years. Even GD and Sandara Park have their own ‘couple fans’ called The Applers.
34. GD confessed he was looking for a girl with sweet smile and good at kissing. ^^
35. GD once said that Dara is the cutest girl at YGE.
36. GD once said that his ideal type is a girl with short hair. For him, girls with short hair look sexy and fresh at the same time.
37. GD is the member of Bigbang who has the most fangirls (female idol who idolizes male idol).
38. GD is the third oldest member in Bigbang. (1. TOP 2. Taeyang 3. GD 4. Daesung 5. Seungri). A little story, once at his birthday GD felt lonely and sad, but after he read some letters from his fans he felt touched and happy.
39. GD picked Seungri as the one he would date if other Bigbang members are females.
40. When Bigbang were still living in their first apartment, GD shared bedroom with Seungri. GD confessed he often hugged Seungri while he was sleeping.
41. Junsu of 2PM is GD’s best friend when he was still a trainee.
42. GD’s debut as a rapper was with Perry in the song Storm.
43. Perry’s song “G-Dragon” was taken from GD’s stage name.
44. GD once got a bad score in school. When Appa of YG found out, he warned GD and said that if he will not get at least 80, he couldn’t train with YGE anymore. With extra effort, GD finally graduated with final grade of 87.
45. Taeyang and Seungri are the VIP’s favorites for GD’s pair partner. They chose Taeyang because he’d been friends with GD since he was 12. As of Seungri, he was chosen because he is naive and could be easily bullied, thus, GD could make fun of him all the time!
46. Known as the most hot-blooded and ill-tempered one in every performance training sessions, because they have to stay focus and work hard.
47. Among the member of Bigbang, GD’s the only one who’s not afraid of Appa of YG, instead Appa YG fears him. Maybe because GD is so talented that Appa YG is afraid of losing him if he gets scolded.^^
48. GD is also nicknamed “Pinky Boy” because he likes to wear his favorite pink scarf.
49. GD is the only one who has ever seen Appa YG acting cute when he was bragging about his new pair of shoes and did a “funny” dance while he’s listening to music.
50. GD’s is so proud of himself when he is on the stage.
51. GD always yells as the first ritual before stage performance or before the recording session.
52. Some VIPs gave him a name “Sandpaper Ji Yong”, because his figure looked rough and cold from the outside GD himself confessed he really looks like that from the outside, but from the inside he is not really that kind of guy. Only people around and close to him know what he’s really like.
53. GD once said if there any girl VIP who attracted his attention, he’s gonna pull whatever it takes and any chances to talk to her.
54. As a leader, it’s his obligation to check incoming messages in all of the member’s’ cell phones. He also always check e-mails or comments from Bigbang fans.
55. GD is the youngest child in his family and has a sister named Kwon Dami. Dami has an online boutique and GD always help her promote by wearing her creations.
56. When GD was asked, what he will do if a pretty girl got his attention, he answered that he will come to the girl directly and personally.
57. GD always use his spare time to write song lyrics.
58. GD confessed one time that he respects Se7en.
59. GD became a composer for the song “Manwon Song” when Seungri performed it at the “Manwon Haengbok (Happy Share’s Company)” show. And Seungri wrote the lyrics.
60. GD’s room is the cleanest and the neatest among the Bigbang members’ room, while Taeyang’s room is called “A Shop” because it’s full of limited edition clothes and stuff from many famous brands.
61. His “1″ speed dial is his dad’s cellphone number.

62. When he was asked which member of SNSD he thinks is closest to his ideal type, he answered Yoona.
63. GD wants to collaborate with Ivy and produce a sexy music with her.
64. There was a time when GD felt very embarrassed. It was when he got drunk and was told that he was dancing like crazy in front of SNSD members.
65. Sandara Park once confessed that GD is the ideal type of her.
66. GD is a perfectionist, he would be very upset if the boys look less serious in their training sessions for stage performance or recording.
67. GD was once hit by a marijuana scandal case when he was in Japan. But the talks about the scandal died down and BigBang eventually made a successful comeback in 2012.
68. GD is very close to his family, even he got a nickname “Mom’s Best Son,” which means many mothers want to have a son like him.

69. GD’s first girlfriend was older than him. When his girlfriend asked him to break up, GD confessed that he yelled at her at the phone.
70. GD’s first kiss was just a brief kiss. It happened in front of his house when he was still in high school. He said, “I did it because I wanted it and I liked that girl. My heartbeat went so fast when I did it. We broke up in the end anyway.”
71. At the ending of “This Love” song, GD mentioned name “J” which is the initial name of his ex-girlfriend, a ballerina and a daughter of an important and very rich figure in Korea. Many people suspected Kim Jin Ah/Jina was the one GD meant in his “This Love” song.
72. If he is not a singer, he will learn fashion because it is his passion. GD also said that the most valuable things for him were his hats, shoes, and accessories. He would be very sad if those stuffs get lost since it is hard to replace them.
73. What he likes about being famous is that he can get a lot of support from people.
74. And what he doesn’t like is that he couldn’t go anywhere he wants freely.
75. The songs he always sing at the karaoke are “This Love” (Maroon 5) and “Gi uk man ee ra do” – Ann.
76. Has a Shar-pei named Ga Ho.

77. The body part that he feels most proud of is his nape.
78. GD really wants to challenge his ability in acting.
79. GD feels very handsome when he is on stage. He also feels this way after taking a shower and staring at his face on a foggy mirror. GD thinks his hair always looks cool after shower.
80. GD once signed up on Ivy’s and BOA’s fansite forums (his accounts have already expired).
81. He wants to try mixing Trot and Hip Hop music.
82. His favorite dressing style is his own style; well-made, high-quality, and cool.
83. He has a group named NuThang (pronounce as New Thing). It is consisted of his friends like Lee Soo Hyuk (the guy in 2NE1 music video It Hurtz), Yang Seung Ho, and Lee Jung Hyun (now 2NE1′s stylist).
84. Once played as Riu/Ji Hoo in Boys Before Flowers parody and as Gil Ra Im in Secret Garden parody with other members of Bigbang. The moment that successfully surprised VIPs was his kissing scene with TOP in Secret Garden parody.
85. GD likes to release stress by having fun- goofing around and laughing with people. On the other hand, to boost his mood, shopping and sleep are the secret!
86. He would choose love over job and career.
87. He always sleep diagonally. It is his usual sleeping position.
88. In 2009, his front tooth was damaged so he underwent surgery to fix it.
89. He love to sleep and waking him up is not easy. Bed is a heaven for him. He likes to lay down to muse and think about everything that he’d done during the day.
90. GD was once a protege of SM Entertainment for 5 years. He signed for them when he was 5, but because the intensity of the training schedule that seems irregular, and SME was uncertain whether to make him a soloist or get him into a boyband, GD became doubtful about his future under the agency.
In addition, he heard that he was being set up as supplementary member for Shinhwa, in other words, an unofficial member, and this make things even more confusing for GD so he finally resigned.
When at a friend’s house, he listened to rap and eventually learned freestyle rap. From there, he decided to train under YG Entertainment. YGE is well-known for their rap music.
91. GD once made it in the “Top 10 gay’s most wanted guy.” They said that his petite body seems delicious to be hugged.
92. While in England, GD and his manager met some fans. The fans said that GD has a very good scent, he was so fragrant. They weren’t able to have a picture with GD because, as his manager explained, GD can only sign autographs.
93. GD was the best runner in Bigbang.You can see it in Running Man episode 84-85.
94. GD is also often reported as one of the richest idols. The majority of his income come from royalty in songs he wrote.
95. GD’s car is a Bentley Mansory worth $279,052 – $372,070. It is white and has a dragon pattern on its left body. He also owns a white BlackBerry.
96. Bigbang members once said that GD prefers a “Noona” although there was a time when GD also praised Sulli of f(x). He said she is very cute (Sulli is very much younger than GD). Then GD quickly clarified that he only considered Sulli as his junior in music industry.
97. GD is known to be a generous person and he can make a delicious sandwich. He frequently share his home-made sandwiches to his friends.
Once, GD and the rest of the Bigbang members have signed a guitar to be auctioned off. The proceeds was donated to the earthquake victims in Japan. Bigbang also donated other things like signed YG family T-shirts.
98. GD appeared with a funny dance in the 2NE1′s Fire (Street version) music video. He danced a weird move with Minzy for a few seconds.
99. One of GD’s most prized possesions are his shoes and hats. He grew a habit of collecting and organizing them all the time. He reasoned, “Even though it’s only clothes, once you loose it, you can’t just buy it back.”
Christian Louboutin is his favorite sneaker brand and the most bought and worn by him. As for clothes, he prefers Marc Jacobs. For other accessories, he chooses rings as his favorite. GD said when he’s nervous, he likes to twirl and play with the ring he wore.
100. In 20 years, GD wants to be like Appa YG, to help people make their dreams come true.

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